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Patrimoine du littoral : l'impact du réchauffement climatique

2022.01.28 13:47 Nohan07 Patrimoine du littoral : l'impact du réchauffement climatique

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2022.01.28 13:47 theredtzar1 Buckskin being worn part 2

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2022.01.28 13:47 AuthenticMatt Stack for sale! Some dyes and some rare stamps. Bins, offers, and trades accepted!

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2022.01.28 13:47 TeaThat7393 Anton vanko scene

I'm trying to find any scenes of Anton in the first season of Agent carter.
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2022.01.28 13:47 Ga57redditot Spete is back.

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2022.01.28 13:47 ofb Game is too easy

of this is relative, and maybe I just lucked into a good pattern. I didn't look at any guides, but once I figured out a safe reliable pattern, I knew the game was just a grind it became a lot less fun.
to be clear I haven't finished everything in the game, but at 10 hours playtime, the first hour or two was figuring things out, and now it's just been grinding for money to buy perm unlocks.
I don't have to play this way, but I can't help myself, and I imagine many others are in the same boat.
would love for the game to patch out / nerf the really bad obvious overpowered patterns, or even better somehow introduce new mechanics or situations that force you to change your strategy. Preferably without invulnerability phases or other lame cop-outs.
I kind of feel like movement should be one of the key things in this game, but I find after the 10min mark it usually doesn't matter anymore.
for those interested, and this is just one of the many broken paths you could take looking at this sub, my unguided playthrough went heavy on whip and knife -> to the guy who gives +1 proj -> to library where you can limit how many mobs come at you horiz/vert and stick to bottom + middle map block stuff -> heavy on knife and anything that kills stuff closeby so stuff can't reach you. when in trouble just keep walking along the bottom, watch out for teleporting bosses. that's it. I spent all perm upgrades after +1 proj on luck, gold, xp, vacuum, to make the grind take less long. don't need any dps stuff. finish on hyper almost every time.
hope to check back in a few months and find the game in a better more balanced place, it was fun for a bit for sure. cheers!
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2022.01.28 13:47 MrMtxt FT: Shiny Starley, no IV and no HA (BDSP)

I was EV training and ended up with a 49 streak and 8 total shinies, after keeping one for my self I´m trading away the 7 others. ID No. 212988 OT. Mtxt:) All of them have Keen Eye ability and only two have one IV each. Im looking to complete my dex and the pokemon I need will be listed below:)
Lv. 2 Starley, Shiny in Nest Ball. IV Attack. Naive. Lv. 2 Starley, Shiny in Premier Ball. Docile. Lv. 2 Starley, Shiny in Great Ball. Lax. Lv. 2 Starley, Shiny in Heal Ball. IV Sp. Atk. Naive. Lv. 2 Starley, Shiny in Net Ball. Careful. Lv. 2 Starley, Shiny in Quick Ball. Hasty. Lv. 2 Starley, Shiny in Ultra Ball. Quiet.
Im looking for any in the EVO-line of: Weedle. Pidgey. Sandshrew. Slowpoke. Pinsir. Mew. Articuno. Zapdos. Moltres. Mewtwo. Sudowoodo. Stantler. Lugia. Lotad. Nosepass. Slakoth. Sableye. Spiritomb.
Any random Shiny is also accepted:)
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2022.01.28 13:47 Beaner1012 Dresser age? I bought this dresser recently and just curious about it now that I have it home.

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2022.01.28 13:47 Atanasovi 154 skin | galaxy | glow | midas| skull trooper |the ice king|FA 75$

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2022.01.28 13:47 Longpipew Cheap 12v lithium packs

Where are some of the cheapest but realible lithium 12v packs you've found? Anywhere other then Alibaba?
Yes I get my whole car audio project has been hands on, but honestly don't feel like putting together a lithium bank and bms, I'd rather buy the pack already together and balanced
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2022.01.28 13:47 Dogeissowowthereturn What accent/regional dialect is consider a “ rich person’s”dialect??

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2022.01.28 13:47 StockEnvironmental32 quem são os arcontes no impacto genshin. ?

Sou novo aqui no reddit, quem puder me dar essa moral e responder, eu agradeço
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2022.01.28 13:47 Tinamou34 It’s Pride and Prejudice day! Jan 28, 1813To celebrate, let’s have a poll!!

What rendition of P&P have you read or watched?
Feel free to post more polls if you have any cute ideas to celebrate today
View Poll
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2022.01.28 13:47 Lhoraece Colored Bad boys

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2022.01.28 13:47 Spartan4206 Question what cosmetics match with the big chief

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2022.01.28 13:47 Mitch03UK Check out r/CroMoon on the cronos network! Possibly the most promising community token on the network at the moment.

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2022.01.28 13:47 zuxal How can I propose to my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I share a very great relationship. We’re past beyond the butterflies and the sparks the come with a new relationship. It’s real and it’s solid and all our sides have been exposed to each other. We live in a community where the only acceptable form of moving in together is marriage. For me it’s the civil agreement that would allow us to explicitly share a life. He had mentioned many times that he sees us married down the road, that he wants to have my children and that he cherishes what’s between us. The only thing is that he is going through a lot currently - which I surely do not mind - and that might make him think that it’s reckless to take the initiative. However, I know for a fact that the solution to most of our problems as individuals and as a couple will be resolved by us merging our lives as one. I want to propose. Properly. Im not looking for a “yes” because I already have it. But I do want to propose and us to plan what’s there to come for us. Hope this makes any sense.
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2022.01.28 13:47 ariellararely4 The Return

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2022.01.28 13:47 Liam24704 Took just 14 players to complete DOTD

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2022.01.28 13:47 RichardCakeman My own experience of religion

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a gentle soul. Liberal and tolerant, and I always try to be as understanding as I can of others' point of view.
But when it comes to religion, I can't see clearly. That's where my tolerance goes out of the window. It was because I encountered genuine evil in the church. More than once. It took every ounce of courage and strength to break free of the prison in which Christians tried to keep me. Now, when I come across Christians or Christianity of any sort, this emotional reaction kicks in, and I have to make an effort to restrain my anger. When I discuss the subject, I can come across as reactionary and polemical, even though these aren't my natural character traits.
It's difficult to even write or think about my experiences in the church. They were monsters. But I've found real comfort, support and encouragement from rational atheists. Some people think of us as godless profligates, but I've known true kindness amongst our number. My reading, my discussions, my fellowship with rationalists - it has offered escape from the terrible bonds of Christianity. It's something for which I'll be always grateful.
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2022.01.28 13:47 philforrence Recommendation: Start With Love

Something that helped me in my mindfulness journey was doing some love/compassion practices before awareness/insight practices to soften them.
My favorite love practice is Tonglen, taught by Pema Chodrön here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x95ltQP8qQ
Also, simply saying an intention like "Let me do this meditation for my own benefit and the benefit of everyone I come into contact with" can really help orient relax the meditation!
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2022.01.28 13:47 simmielol123 Anyone know the symbolism behind the truckers?

It seems to possess characteristics of a procession. It resembles Napoleon returning after his exile and the whole of france following him.
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2022.01.28 13:47 qbisq "Bitcoin clearly got caught in the liquidity storm that is now sweeping the more-speculative side of the stock market. But unlike non-profitable tech stocks, Bitcoin has a fundamental underpinning that will likely get more compelling over time" -Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity’s director of Global Macro

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2022.01.28 13:47 manos__ Crappy fake apple

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2022.01.28 13:47 Transforfan233 There are 6 Asuka

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