Reddit why do you think a rich sexy woman like Kim Kardashian married and had kids with Kanye West?

2022.01.28 13:59 rocksofiron Reddit why do you think a rich sexy woman like Kim Kardashian married and had kids with Kanye West?

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2022.01.28 13:59 vampirical_data W̴̰̅p̎̿͠ Ą̯̈ T̴͍͚ỳ͍͡p̚͝ͅî̏͡c̤͙ͯa͎̿̐l̩̞̇ Ṫ̠͜e̴͂ͤe̢͉ͭn̗̤ͯ D͆͑͠r̪̾ͬa̠̾m̲̩̕a̦ͦ̾ S̷̙͘h̛̺͊ȍ̥ͪw̴͕̌ B̫̍͢u͆͗͡t̺ͮ͝ T̵̟ͭḫ̷̕ḙ̌͠ A͇͐͘l̬͕͠i̺ͣ͢e̩ͬ͢n̰͑͝s̮ͨ͞ D͊̐̂o͙̽̕ T̎̕ͅh͖͛ͧë̞́͝ï͛͜ȓ̟́ 'b̭̀ͪȇ͕͢s̞ͥ͋ţ̗̎' T̛̐͜ǒ̵̺ S̥̥̊t̫̊͡á͞ỷ̷̭ H̶̖͝i̧̨͉ḓ̵͆d̼̄͘é͔n̖̅̚.

W̴̰̅p̎̿͠ Ą̯̈ T̴͍͚ỳ͍͡p̚͝ͅî̏͡c̤͙ͯa͎̿̐l̩̞̇ Ṫ̠͜e̴͂ͤe̢͉ͭn̗̤ͯ D͆͑͠r̪̾ͬa̠̾m̲̩̕a̦ͦ̾ S̷̙͘h̛̺͊ȍ̥ͪw̴͕̌ B̫̍͢u͆͗͡t̺ͮ͝ T̵̟ͭḫ̷̕ḙ̌͠ A͇͐͘l̬͕͠i̺ͣ͢e̩ͬ͢n̰͑͝s̮ͨ͞ D͊̐̂o͙̽̕ T̎̕ͅh͖͛ͧë̞́͝ï͛͜ȓ̟́ 'b̭̀ͪȇ͕͢s̞ͥ͋ţ̗̎' T̛̐͜ǒ̵̺ S̥̥̊t̫̊͡á͞ỷ̷̭ H̶̖͝i̧̨͉ḓ̵͆d̼̄͘é͔n̖̅̚. submitted by vampirical_data to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 13:59 SlinkySlip420 What's the point

What is the fucking point of anything. We all die, my life effects so few people in the grand scheme of things. There are an infinite amount of other plants, probably with other people. My life doesn't matter to them. Even in China none of those people know I exist. Why does my tiny little bubble in the world mean anything. I don't believe in God. I believe in something bigger than myself. I don't like to personify them really. But I don't think it cares about me. There are millions of other people they can focus on. I just don't see why I should struggle through my life just so other people can maybe not struggle as much. So I can have a family? Why would I want to make other people deal with my shit the rest of their lives? Maybe I'm a cool guy, maybe I'm the nicest guy in the world. But why does it matter?
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2022.01.28 13:59 MemerThoughts Most people think they are better drivers than most people

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2022.01.28 13:59 apolobgod My tibia hurts when I run, and keep sore the next day… Its not muscular pain from exercising, it’s specifically in the bone. Has anyone ever had something like that?

I know it’s not from being unused to exercises, because I also do dancing classes.
It hurts mainly in the center of the bone, and seems to get worse when I’m going uphill and gets pretty much unnoticeable going downhill.
Could it be from the impact of my feet landing on the floor? My sneakers have good shock absorbers, but they’re not specifically for running - although I don’t think unoptimized sneakers are the cause.
I did try going to the doctor but he was like “yeah, your legs hurt when you run, big surprise. That’ll be 2000 dollars”. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with that?
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2022.01.28 13:59 Competitive-Job-2136 Unconditional love

I've found that there is a lot of pressure placed on moms and a lot of guilt that comes with not living up to others (unrealistic) expectations. From one mom to anyone that needs too hear this I see you. Your feelings are valid. Your struggles are real and difficult. You love your baby but that doesn't mean you have to like them all the time. Nothing is going like how you planned and it's hard to give up on your idealized version of how you thought motherhood was going to be -who you thought you were going to be. It's okay to miss your old life. Your feelings are valid. You are not a bad mom. You need to give yourself some unconditional love. Love yourself. For all the good things that make you you. Love yourself even your flaws. So please remember to love yourself unconditionally.
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2022.01.28 13:59 Double_South_4825 Need help with Ykw Blasters story! (Read bio)

So, I need help with the story. Anyone who helps will be handsomely rewarded. The reward is a lvl 1 shogunyan for each person who helps, put ur friend code, blasters rank, and team + ur Yo-Kai’s levels.
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2022.01.28 13:59 Healthyhappylyfe Looking for solid mobile app development.

Wondering if anyone has any recommendations? This is for a fantasy sports app. Need a talented team. Would love any referrals you might have.
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2022.01.28 13:59 punnynfunny Transfer Orders: Chapter 9

Chapter Nine
“Out-fuckin-standing!” Aaron said sarcastically. He was more than a little fed up with Dev’s - as he began to call her - mothering. He was currently walking with a purpose towards the carrier’s armory and the ambassador was doing her best to follow him, her taloned feet clacking against the deck loudly.
The woman stood around eye level with Aaron’s six-foot-three, and was slimly built, but she still struggled to keep pace as he walked ahead of the cadre of officers and the members of Suruki’s squad of marines that didn’t need medical attention.
“…I just don't see why you refuse to let one of the marines return your weapon to the armory in your stead!” Blustered Dev as she clacked along next to him. “You’re not even a member of their military! You shouldn’t have even been on the freighter in the first place!”
“But it's a damned good thing I was,” Aaron replied. He knew he was technically a civilian, but this woman’s insistence that he shouldn’t have risked himself for the marines who made him feel welcome aboard the massive alien vessel was beginning to irk him.
“Good for them, but you could’ve been hurt or killed!” She replied, her tone having almost a squawking sound to it.
“Hey Admiral?” Aaron said over his shoulder, knowing the woman wasn’t far behind. He turned to find her with a prideful grin as she sauntered behind him at the head of the small pack of Grenarr officers.
“Yes Aaron?” She asked, her smile widening.
“Care to remind me and the ambassador here exactly what I said when I asked to join the boarding party?”
“Well, my memory’s a bit fuzzy with the excitement of the last few hours, but I believe it went something like…” She paraphrased Aaron's earlier statement in a forced baritone, “I’m an infantryman, I’ve done this for six years, Admiral, I’ll just be securing the landing zone!”
The ambassador shot a glare at Admiral Sevira following her lighthearted outburst. She turned and faced Aaron with a sigh before fixing her icy blue gaze upon him as her downy feathers ruffled.
“Tell me, Aaron, were you just securing the landing zone? Did you really get coated in all that… pirate! From just the landing zone?”
“Nah, as soon as shit went sideways for first squad, I tasked the two women with me to hold the bay while I went to assist the marines near the bridge. Good thing too, they were flanked on two sides.” Aaron replied proudly as they finally made it to the armory.
The door automatically slid open in front of him as he strode up to it, the Grenarr armorer raising her brows in shock as the gore-covered Aaron walked up to her.
“Got one K-02 fresh off the field,” he said, placing the cleared rifle on the bar between them and ripping the magazines out of his pouches, along with the couple empty ones that sat in his dump pouch. “Sorry about the pirate juice.”
“Uhmmm…” the armorer said as she took the rifle from the bar, looking between it and him, “a-are you okay?”
“Yeah!” He replied with a smile, brushing a chunk of frog-lady off his brow, landing on the floor next to him, “not my first rodeo. Oh hey, you probably want this too.” He said, withdrawing his M-17 pistol from where it sat in a low-ride holster on his hip, along with the empty magazine in his dump pouch and the full one on his left hip.
“Oh! This isn’t a model I’ve seen before!” She said, looking the weapon over. “Would you run down the basics so I can ensure it's safe?”
“Too easy,” he said, picking up the handgun. “It’s a human design, pretty simple. This is the slide lock,” he said, pulling back the slide, and fingering the small nub midway on the weapon, “and this is the magazine release, and this is the safety.”
“Would you like me to perform maintenance on it?” She asked, eagerly eying the weapon.
“Just field strip it, if you have questions, I’ll be in Ensign Erdni’s quarters for however long I’m on this tub.”
“Got it!” She said, stowing the weapon behind her before Aaron bid her goodbye and turned to find most of the gaggle that was following him stuffed into the room.
“Okay seriously guys, you don't have to follow me everywhere. First and foremost, I’m headed to Erdni’s cabin for a damned shower. I’m guessing you all have shit you want to discuss with me?”
The Admiral and ambassador both nodded, causing Aaron to sigh and run his hand down his face. He grimaced as he looked at his chunky, green-goo covered hand.
“Okay cool. Go wait in the same briefing room I met with the Admiral for Erdni’s tribunal in. I’ll shower, throw on clean clothes, and meet you there, okay?”
“Very well,” said the Ambassador, turning on her heels before being mirrored by everyone else in the gaggle, save the marine squad and Erdni. Aaron mentally thanked whatever gods there may be for some peace and quiet finally.
“Aaron… thank you,” said Suruki, not making eye contact.
“Always happy to. Your marines gonna be alright?”
“They’ll be fine, but Adriet is gonna be in sick-bay for a few weeks, at least. I… I wouldn’t have been able to get my girls out if you hadn’t joined in, and I just…”
“Sue, I’ve lost two squads of men before this, I’ll be damned if I lose another,” he said, laying an arm on the woman’s shoulder as she finally made eye contact with her lip trembling. “We might only be together for a couple of weeks, but while I’m on this tub, you ladies mean nearly as much to me as Erdni. When I got here, the lot of you rushed to get the translators just so I could feel welcome. That means a lot to me.”
“I… I’m glad to hear it,” Suruki replied, visibly shaking off whatever funk she had been stuck in. “Now go clean up, you smell like Colraxi barbecue!”
“Heh, you smell like someone who’s been stuck on a ship for a few months!” Called Aaron over his shoulder as he joined Erdni outside. The pair walked in silence for several minutes in the direction of the crew quarters, before Aaron broke the stillness.
“So, how are you?”
“I’m pissed, Aaron,” Erdni replied.
“Because in the span of three hours, you kiss me, argue on my behalf to an Admiral, and then nearly die fighting pirates! All by your own choice!”
“Still not seeing how I’m the bad guy here,” he replied, raising a brow.
“You can’t just offer a girl a dream romance, and then charge to the front lines like that! It’s unfair!”
“Life’s unfair. If I hadn’t gone, Suruki’s squad would’ve been killed, captured, or worse. How would that have been fair to their families and their friends?”
“Guh! Queen be praised,” Erdni groaned, throwing her arms up in the air, “I know that you’re right, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying!”
“Yeah, I know how it is,” he chuckled, “but consider this; I’ve been at war, preparing for war, or recovering from a war my entire adult life. The only reinforcements available were myself and two greenhorn navy kids. Hell, I bet they’re barely out of high school.
“My point is, if second squad could’ve made it in time, I wouldn’t have gone. I couldn’t leave the shuttle unsecured, and even if I could, those two would not have made it in an all-out firefight against eight foot tall frog-people with space-AKs.”
“What is high school, and AK’s are a type of firearm on your world, yes?” Erdni replied.
“That's what you took away from that?” Aaron replied, slightly bothered that all the woman seemed to focus on were two minor points.
“I… oh, language. So this goes back to Grenarr customs and how we speak.” Erdni said, seeming to realize something. “So, it's customary to only argue or discuss a topic when you fully understand the context of everything said before.”
“So, you guys just ask questions after someone finishes as sentence until you understand exactly what the fucker said?” Aaron asked.
“Sorta,” said Erdni making a so-so gesture. “It’s considered impolite to not ask for clarification as soon as they finish if you don't understand.”
“Fair enough,” replied Aaron with a shrug of his shoulders, “but yeah high school is usually where people go when they’re like fourteen years old to eighteen. It's the last bit of education you get before you become an adult.”
“Oh! So it’s like our primary primary school,” Erdni blurted excitedly, “We usually study at home with our families until around 10 years old, and then go off to school until we hit sixteen, then we’re off into the galaxy!”
The duo finally reached the quarters they shared, the door sliding open automatically for them. Practically as soon as Aaron heard it close behind him, he ripped the front tab on his plate carrier up, the velcro loudly crunching as it separated.
He pulled the cummerbund out and to the side before pulling it over his head and carrying it to the small offshoot that contained the bathroom. He’d have to wash it by hand during his shower.
He returned to the room proper, jerking his combat top over his head.
“Hey ‘Nee,” he started, using the nickname he’d heard her use earlier, “where’s the washer in this room?”
“Oh! I - uh…. It’s over here” she replied, quickly bounding over to a panel in the wall and pushing a button he hadn’t seen. It slid open to reveal the same washer as he’d seen on the Valliance.
He threw his shirt in and set about untying his boots, looking them over as he finished. Thankfully they had somehow avoided the majority of the pirate that currently coated his shirt and pants.
Setting them to the side, he began working at his outer belt, ripping it off the Velcro of the inner before pulling off the inner and eventually his pants.
After throwing his laundry into the washer, he turned to Erdni, naked other than his boxers.
“I think we need to stop by the PX for some clothes. Maybe grab me some of those PT shorts I borrowed from you back on the Valliance,” Aaron said before abruptly stopping. Erdni was also in her smallclothes, holding a folded set of the shorts and T-shirt that he borrowed from her on the trip out here.
“I… hey,” he got out dumbly.
“Hey,” she replied, blushing the cute burnt orange color, her horns a deep rust, “I need to shower after you.”
‘C’mon, she’s practically throwing herself at you,’ Aaron thought to himself as he actively worked to make eye contact, ‘invite her to join you!’
“Okay, I’ll leave the water running!” He said, taking the offered clothes, smiling, and nodding before turning into the lavatory.
‘Great job, buddy!’ He mentally chided himself as he closed the door behind him. ‘You’re a damned infantry NCO, and you’re scared of being intimate with the woman who rescued you and is now taking you on a dream vacation into the galaxy?’
“God damnit,” he muttered under his breath as he stripped out of his boxers, started the water, and then stepped under it.
* * *
‘Erdni, you’re the biggest idiot in the galaxy!’ She chided herself as Aaron closed the door to the lavatory behind himself.
How could she have been so stupid? Of course the human wouldn’t want to move at a pace above a snail, he was a man of quality, not some cheap boxer-dropper you meet at a dive bar.
She began to pace back and forth in her small room on the ship as she pondered how to go about filling the hole she’d dug for herself.
Erdni had shot her shot for the both of them to relieve some stress after the tense anti-piracy interdiction, and had been shot down hard. There was no way he missed the signal of her stripping down in front of him.
She hoped she’d just come on too strong, instead of her worst fear imaginable; that he just liked her for her personality. Men could be curt and unresponsive, but the boys she’d always had interest in told her that her curves were too much for them, and they feared being crushed.
Plenty of males shamed women for being too large, and always went for the muscled powerhouses, as opposed to Erdni’s pudgy frame.
He didn’t seem to mind her on the trip over here, even falling asleep on her chest a couple of times. She really didn’t want to embarrass him, but she had noticed the decidedly solid place between his legs as he slept against her.
No, she couldn’t have disgusted him if he acted like that around her. Maybe he needed to be fed and treated to a date night before he’d want her?
She flopped backwards onto her bed and covered her face with a pillow, screaming into it for several seconds. She pulled it off her face with a groan, closing her eyes as she massaged her center-skull with two fingers to try and relieve some of the pressure and stress she’d built up.
Relationships always made her head hurt. Her parents had a very traditional relationship, with four mothers and two fathers in one family, the perfect nuclear household. She was the oldest of the gaggle of seven children her parents raised, and while her sisters and brothers were fine with a ‘buffet-style’ romance as Erdni had always teased them with, she was not.
She wanted Aaron for herself, or maybe one other woman, if they were compatible. She didn’t want to have to fight for the attention of the man she cared for so much like her birth-mother always did with the family matriarch.
Caentiya, her birth-mother, was built like Erdni - if several inches shorter - and was frankly lucky that a man like her father had paid her any mind in the first place, and at his insistence was allowed into the relationship by the other women and her non-biological father.
Even though she was the eldest daughter of the family, she was still treated like dirt by the matriarch - Frenis - who doted upon her younger sister constantly. Frenis had not taken the fact that her father got Caentiya pregnant first well at all, as she felt the honor of the first child was hers.
According to the rulings of the gods, supposedly it was, but few people really stuck to the minutiae of the religion anymore, at least outside of the cult of the Sword-Singer and Andréshe that existed mostly in monasteries by this point. For some reason, Frenis only seemed to pay attention to tradition when it suited her purposes for the ‘furtherment of the family.’
“Furtherment my thighs,” Erdni muttered under her breath.
‘Fuck, if I’m getting two months of involuntary leave, they’ll probably send me back to Tornia,’ she realized as she lay on the bed, ‘and then I’ll have to introduce him to my family. Birth-mother and father will probably love him, but the rest might be crazy.’
“What your thighs?” Came Aaron’s voice from the doorway several feet away. Erdni’s eyes snapped open, mild panic setting in.
‘Oh no, I got so wrapped-up in my thoughts that I didn’t hear the door open,’
“How long have you been standing there?” Erdni asked, her cheeks heating as she chanced a glance to him.
“I opened the door right after you started screaming into a pillow,” he said with a chuckle, toweling off his still-damp hair. “Something you gotta get off your chest?”
“Guh! Yes, er- no! I just… Fuck!” Erdni replied as her brain kept crashing, hitching, and rebooting as she desperately clung to her actively derailing train of thought. Aaron seemed to think that he could exit the shower, still wet, shirt hugging all his denser-than-normal muscles in every right way and expect her to hold a conversation.
“I’ll take that as a yes, what’s up babe?” He asked as he threw the towel over his shoulder and sat down next to her on the bed.
“Don’t call me that and expect me to think!” Erdni groaned as she sat up.
“I’m sorry!” He said with a chuckle in the smooth, lilting tongue that she was accustomed to hearing now, lifting both his arms and extending his five-fingered hands open.
“I just…” she started, trying to formulate thoughts and get them out cleanly before the word-spewing came forth. “Look, I know I’m not the most attractive woman on this ship, let alone my kind, and I get it if you just like me for my personality and the fact that I saved yo-“ she was cut off as Aaron placed a kiss on her lips, and pulled her close to him.
“What the hell brought this on?” Aaron asked after he broke the tender embrace.
“I just- ugh, you make it so hard to talk when you do things like that!” Erdni blustered, looking squarely at her lap. “I tried to take a chance, and you rejected me. I’m getting mixed signals between earlier outside the tribunal, before your shower, now and back on the Valliance.”
“Mixed signals?” Asked the man, surprising Erdni at how confused he seemed at her admission.
“Erdni!” Said Aaron laughing. The man was laughing at her, just like Matriarch Frenis said would happen.
‘If you show weakness to a man, he’ll just laugh at you, Erdni!’ The Matriarch’s voice echoed in Erdni’s head as her heart broke, watching the man she had fallen uncomfortably hard for laugh in her face as she expressed her feelings properly for the first time. ‘You have to project strength like your little sister! You already have the curves that make men want to vomit, your horns are too small, and on top of that, you’re so Sabre-shy that any man stupid enough to want you as a third, or maybe fourth addition to the marriage will probably have to ask you instead!’
“Erdni! I know just before the shower wasn’t my proudest ‘Chad Thundercock’ moment, but I feel the same way as you. My feelings haven't changed since the Tribunal,” he said as he finished laughing. “I had to actively work to look you in the eyes. I’m very attracted to you, but before I was covered in pirate guts, I just got off my world, and I’m further than any human has been in history.
“On top of all that, it looks like I’m the newest political flashpoint for politicians to get their panties in a bunch over.”
“What… what are you saying?” Erdni softly asked, a tiny flicker of hope returning to her heart.
“I’m saying,” he stressed with a smile, “that I’m here to stay, but I want to take things slow. At least for now. Can we do that?”
“Yes! Absolutely! Um, okay so what do we do now?” Erdni winced as she asked the question, knowing men greatly prefer it when women take the lead in a relationship, as opposed to her passive mentality.
“Well, I’ve gotta meet with a bird bitch and tell her to fuck off. From there, I’d imagine we pack our things, and head to… wherever it is you call home.”
“Tornia,” she replied with a nod. “My homeworld is Tornia.”


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2022.01.28 13:59 vergil50000 What to read or watch after higurashi

I finished higurashi and I enjoyed it a lot so I was wondering if there is a sequel or extra content after the 8 chapters.
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2022.01.28 13:59 Beral7 This video would have done a better job of the anti work community than the mod who did the interview.

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2022.01.28 13:59 Gold-Ad6585 how does not feeling love at home/mental abuse affect a teenager?

I am not loved at home and my parents just don’t understand. I wish I could show them what they’re doing to me
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2022.01.28 13:59 Aliensubculture Oslo has been sitting like a distinguished gentleman since he was a pup

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2022.01.28 13:59 RocketRapstar What must be done to make future Star Wars content better. Where do we go from the sequels?

Hello StarWars !! This is my first time posting here and for my first post, I have a burning question that I’d like to know from you fans of what Disney must do to make Star Wars better. As we all know, the sequel trilogy hasn’t been as good as it should’ve been. I’m not gonna get into detail about it but just know that any complaints that any of you guys have About the ending of the Skywalker Saga, I understand and agree.
But the point of this post is different. Everyone likes to talk about how bad Star Wars is Aside from their shows but I never hear anyone talk about what must be done to make it better. To make it right. By the fanbase and by the studio. What are your thoughts on what should happen Going forward in the franchise?
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2022.01.28 13:59 Angela275 ALex Ross and Red Robin

It seems Red Robin was suppose to be for Dick Grayson but that never happened there is artwork for. How do you guys feel about that?
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2022.01.28 13:59 amzonboy Yesterday I was hunting for bison pelt and I found this Love Story in a barn. Went checking for cigars and found GOLD. LoL.

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2022.01.28 13:59 Caramel_mouais Guerre et démocratie. Éditorial de février 2022 [Monde Diplomatique]

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2022.01.28 13:59 quotesweed Koodha Kaathu Song Lyrics in Tamil

கூத காத்து பாடல் வரிகள் கூத காத்து கூத காத்து கூத காத்து கூத காத்து கொல்லுதடி கூர சேலை தாடி இல்ல கூந்தல் மட்டும் தாடி
கூத காத்து கொல்லுதையா மல்லு வெட்டி தாயா இல்ல மல்லு கெட்டுவாயா
தாலி கயிறு இருக்கட்டுமே நீ மத்ததெல்லாம் மத்ததெல்லாம் கழட்டி வையு விழிகள் முழிச்சி கெடக்கட்டுமே உசுரே வெளக்க
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2022.01.28 13:59 Superbored0 My mother loves my younger sister more than me

Basically title. She always treats her better and allows her to do things I wasn’t allowed to do. I cant stand this anymore
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2022.01.28 13:59 TheManRW86 Looking for a place to buy a Darksaber replica. I’m not looking for a dueling version but preferably high quality.

Saw one here but not sure if someone knows if a better version out there.
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2022.01.28 13:59 Humble-Club-7721 My life

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2022.01.28 13:58 Chucie14 Hi there! I got interested in this game when I watched it on youtube. I'm just curious if this (image below) has multiplayer option. My brother and I are planning to play a watch. I hope someone can help me enlighten on this one. Thank you!

Hi there! I got interested in this game when I watched it on youtube. I'm just curious if this (image below) has multiplayer option. My brother and I are planning to play a watch. I hope someone can help me enlighten on this one. Thank you! submitted by Chucie14 to CompanyOfHeroes [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 13:58 creedthot Estar in the preterit and imperfect tenses (question in comments- swipe for both photos)

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2022.01.28 13:58 FreedomNetworkTV How to use Reddit properly

If you want to follow this sub closely, I recommend you save the following two links and check them regularly:

  1. new posts (old reddit)
  2. new comments (old reddit)
Reddit Premium, for $30/year, highlights new comments, which is invaluable.
The RES browser extension is also recommended, particularly for the ability to subscribe to threads and get notifications when they have new comments. Most of its features only work with, so that's my default view. Some Reddit features are only available in the the new interface, however, so I need to switch to it sometimes.
Thanks to u/GregFoley for providing this template.
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