[Politics] - Pressley introducing resolution to strip Boebert of committee assignments | CNN

2021.12.08 10:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Pressley introducing resolution to strip Boebert of committee assignments | CNN

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2021.12.08 10:25 johnmory It’s really disheartening.

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2021.12.08 10:25 DiamondRainbowGlow Why would YouTube try to make everyone pay to listen with the screen off while everyone is trying to preserve energy?

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2021.12.08 10:25 slacikasac ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 5 KZN Shoes $28.15 | Retail $120 (Restock)

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2021.12.08 10:25 Im_Pala $25 referral bonus got rejected after 30 days of holding.

I just signed up with random referral link on reddit.

deposited $120 USD worth BTC on Nov,7 2021 8:04 PM
3 hours after deposit, I moved funds to 30 day fixed term.
Processing img cj7sanlblb481...
that's all the transactions I've done with Nexo wallet. I would like to know why my referral bonus got rejected.
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2021.12.08 10:25 evolflush Reminder: Last 2 Days for $SCLP Withdraw & Stake Competition⏰ $5000 giveaway + 5 $SCLP for every entrant.

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2021.12.08 10:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Why Dollar Tree's price hike to $1.25 could be 'one of the worst decisions in retail history' | CNN

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2021.12.08 10:25 Fun_Week_2566 Is there anyone wanna buy my account which is level 18 and garage level 11?

I quit playing the game for a while, will sell it for cheap.
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2021.12.08 10:25 invertedcottonwoodut Daughters facing soft estrangement from their mom (my ex)

My ex projects her insecurities and neuroses onto the kids, and while we were married, she projected them onto me. It is hard to elaborate specifically as to what her issues are, but as an example: lately she has convinced herself that because one of our teens wants to spend time with a friend, that means the teen doesn’t want to spend time with mom at all. Ex’s thinking is very disordered and unfortunately when she acts on these erroneous assumptions, she cannot be convinced otherwise.
Of the children we have together, 19f is LC with mom, 16f is frustrated with mom’s refusal to believe that she does want to spend time with her mother. 12f is starting to get mom talking and projecting her worries onto her as well.
Last night I had to tell 16f to stop trying to convince mom that she does want to spend time with her. If mom wants to believe daughter doesn’t want time with her, that’s what mom is going to get. It feels harsh.
These kids are having to learn boundaries with their mom at such a young age. What are some tips you guys can share in terms of helping them to navigate healthy LC, NC (or otherwise) relationships with her?
Context: I’m NC with my own family for abuse (they interfered during the divorce and tried to alienate kids from me, long story blah blah toxic enmeshment Mormon grossness). I’m doing fine, actually doing very well since being free from my side of the fam’s shitshow.
But now we find ourselves here with my ex. And it’s just so much meh…
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2021.12.08 10:25 essonse Disappointed at the “gentrification” of Logan Airport restaurants

I fully realize this isn’t real gentrification as in housing, and the consequences aren’t as dire. But it’s absurd that almost all of the food options at Logan Airport now are “Vino Volo,” Wolfgang Puck type overpriced faux-fancy restaurants.
Terminal A used to have a Wendy’s. Terminal B used to have a McDonald’s. Terminal E used to have a Burger King. All are gone. Even those were overpriced relative to their counterparts outside of the airport. But they were decent options for people on a tighter budget and/or with kids.
I could see how the pandemic would contribute to this — fast food restaurants depend on volume. But this trend was in place beforehand, with MassPort patting themselves on the back for remodeling Terminal B and pushing out McDonalds and Sbarros. All of the food you get now still comes out of the microwave at Vino Volo, the Bruins Bar et al, but you’re paying twice as much.
At least there’s still Dunkin or Starbucks in most terminals. I feel like there would be open revolt if those left. But the situation generally seems like the kind of optics-driven initiatives we see from our public sector organizations here, things that ultimately are bad/expensive for everyday people trying to use this public infrastructure.
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2021.12.08 10:25 lululu321 Formula to return date format

Looking for a formula to return data format.
formula located on column C2 and down.

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2021.12.08 10:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Trying to make sense of the Omicron market? Look at bank stocks | CNN

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2021.12.08 10:25 fury178 looking to complete national dex

LF dunsparce, pidgey , kangaskhan, yama and shroomish
FT porygon,castform ,heracross and pearl exclusives
if you want some other pokemon i might also have them so let me know what you need
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2021.12.08 10:25 Farrando Stuck in traffic so I grabbed a pic.

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2021.12.08 10:25 hazythegalaxy water is a guardian's kryptonite.

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2021.12.08 10:25 Icy-Spring6438 RSE reed valve vs racing reed valve is there any difference ?

The racing reed I'm talking about is the triangle one you all know them I think they have a specific name but I don't know what it is. Any way is there a difference in performance or they all the same but different set up I don't want to buy both to fiinde out 😂 .
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2021.12.08 10:25 fjroYo0 Sevişme öncesi müziği

Akşam 9'da kız arkadaşım gelicek bonfile yapicam şarap da var çok romantik bir gece olmasını istiyorum film falanda izleriz bugün bizde kalır . Tek eksiğim müzik sevişme öncesi açılacak müzik lazım careless whisper tarzı 5-10 tane bulsam yeter . Önerin bakim
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2021.12.08 10:25 purplecouchpeople Great being ignored and made to feel insignificant

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2021.12.08 10:25 No_Pumpkin_5783 xxxNifty World's Largest Adult NFT Marketplace | Stormy Daniels/Trump NFT Scandal Dress Auction LIVE | [N$FW] as payment | Web 3.0 Ecosystem w/ NFT rarity tools being built out | over 1000 NFT sales to date | Check out the massive selection!

Hello futue investor! xxxNifty is a registered business, utilizing Blockchain technology through it’s utility token $NSFW to address long-standing issues plaguing adult SWers and creators stuck using fiat, payment processers & banking institutions. These instituions exploit them for profit without providing a sense of stability or control to earn income safely. xxxNifty solves many of these issues while bringing the Adult Industry to the future in the following ways:
----World's Largest Adult NFT Marketplace to date. Creators monetizing on their content with no fear of chargebacks or banks saying no, by utilizing $NSFW as a payment. Web 3.0 Revolutionary NFT Marketplace upgrade coming soon!
----Pleasurely.com, their OnlyFans replacement. Built by creators for creators. Interacting with creators will be as easy as the push of a button! Tip with $NSFW. Interact in live streams with $NSFW. Messaging and unlocking posts & other content with $NSFW! And lastly, Interacting & Unlocking creator’s social feeds with $NSFW!
----State of the Art Algorithmic NFT project being built out, giving creators another form of revenue as well as being a part of Revolutionary technology & income stream.
----Adult Gaming platforms being built, giving adult NFTs more utility & value, while playing fun & sexy games, moving forward into the metaverse and beyond!!!!
----Creators are also investors being paid in $NSFW to cash out or HODL to the moooon! It's there choice, not the banks, CC companies, or platforms controlling how they choose to monetize on their content.
To add to this Adult Ecosystem, the team is adding value to $NSFW and all of its working parts for investors & creators alike in the following ways:
----New Staking program being announced to incentivize HODL. With great monetary perks.
---- Nsfwpay.com making buying $NSFW a breeze via flooz trade!
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----Being a payment on Adult sites across the internet in all facets.
All of these giving $NSFW extreme scarcity, proving its worth in a Multibillion dollar industry across the globe.
xxxNifty has been around since May 2021 & have many achievements, and so many more on the way.
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The number of holders, content creators, and partners is growing day by day. Check it out for yourself as well, be a member of an industry changing project, and join an amazing community!
Total Supply 69,696,969,420
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https://t.me/xxxnifty_official https://t.me/xxxNiftyAnnouncements
📃Contract :
🔒Liquidity is locked for 12 months
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2021.12.08 10:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Palestinian student arrested on suspicion of stabbing Israeli | Al Jazeera

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2021.12.08 10:25 Environmental_Win776 Delta has passed away I tried everything but this plaque buildup I think killed him because it’s all over him, I’m sorry that I couldn’t save him but now I have an idea of what I need to do and I will make my next betta fish have a better life

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2021.12.08 10:25 umotacoqualquer Wtf happend to my game?

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2021.12.08 10:25 meowmixmix-purr Very soon to be 3 year old waking up around 3am then by the hour every night

I’m so tired I can hurl.
I don’t understand. My little girl will be turning 3 in 10 days. She’s still in a crib but we are planning to transition in the new year. For months she was the perfect sleeper, even after we cut out her nap. She would sleep 7:30-8/9 every single night.
But now I hear her “mommy mommy mommy” always around 3am. I’ll go in and it’s usually she wants her night like things on or she dropped something. An hour later, she’ll have to pee. There’s always something.
I’m as calm as I can be but the other night I wanted to punch a wall. I never had a full night rest in what seems like years because my baby also wakes in the night.
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m desperate.
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Our STOCHASTIC Momentum Indicator is pointing to $18.45. Let's see if we pivot up or down.
Omicron news: A highly transmissible variant, causes milder disease than Delta, and the vaccines (3 dose) highly effective against severe disease. (Various sources)
Have a good day
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2021.12.08 10:25 Hugosimpon I'm scared that this is in youtube kids.

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