Kellie 😍😍

2021.12.08 10:42 Gold-Safe-4983 Kellie 😍😍

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2021.12.08 10:42 kockin26 BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE - Old Dead Young - B-Sides & Rarities (Vinyl) LP preorder

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2021.12.08 10:42 Major_Ad7308 No bias here

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2021.12.08 10:42 wowfamnice Disconnect between the game and its characters

Hello everyone,
I've been thinking about this for a while, and I wanted to ask for your opinions.
There's two main reasons why I play and love this game: the exploration and the characters/story.
I don't always like every story quest and every character, sometimes I skip over stuff I'm not too interested in, but I generally enjoy it a lot.
Recently, I started feeling like there's a really big disconnect between the game/combat/daily stuff and the characters/story.
I didn't understand why I got bouts of nostalgia for the early days of Mondstadt, Diluc, Kaeya, Jean and Venti when it's only been a year, I technically see them everyday and I go to Mond everyday.
I don't think I've fully grasped the reason of this nostalgia and melancholy, but I think that I do feel a huge disconnect.
You never see playable characters in the open world, you can't continue their stories and the time between archon quests is pretty long.
It goes from watching an anime with all these fun, interesting characters to being in an empty world, where you're left missing all the characters you've grown attached to.
If you're someone who gets really attached to a character like me, I think this might feel a bit... disorienting, maybe? A little sad?
I see my favourite character in fanart all the time, but I haven't seen them at all for quite a while, except in my party.
I've been feeling a bit burnt out for a few days, and I couldn't figure out why: I am in endgame, but I have been playing the game very casually for a while. I only play a bit in the morning, I have fun using my favourite characters, help people out with Azhdaha and do the events.
I don't wait for resin to refresh, sometimes I don't finish my dailies and I don't play events as soon as they start.
So why did I start feeling like I was losing interest?
I think it might be because the characters I'm attached to aren't there, and the game is in one of its slower moments.
Hangouts are a nice way to help this problem, but I think we should see our favourites more often.
It'd be a shame if Genshin just turned into one of those gachas with 73373 characters that are only there to look pretty and be collected, after all the care that's been put into each character so far.
This might have been a little rambly and someone probably has reached a similar conclusion, sorry about that, but I just needed to vent a bit and hear what other character lovers think.
Tldr; I've been feeling a bit burnt out because I miss my favourite characters, and I wish we could see them more often.
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2021.12.08 10:42 CowEye_ Machina - Friday Night Funkin' VS. Cassette Girl [No Bar] [Simfile Release]

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2021.12.08 10:42 ShoulderBest IMPOSSIBLE

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2021.12.08 10:42 R6_2008 Waiver

I have heard that if you take another DODEA job like an ISS position in the states but haven't completed your two year contract that you would have to pay back what it cost to PCS you there, unless you get a waiver. So I guess my real question is how hard is it or likely is it to get one of those waivers approved.
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2021.12.08 10:42 ThatsMahvelBaby Anyone else tired of Fromsoft's games?

Elden Ring is on the horizon, coming out in just under three months and I cannot bring myself to be excited for it at all. I'll buy it, play it one or two times, and probably overall enjoy it, but I'm not really looking forward to it and I doubt I'll love it.
The game just looks like more of the same, it just looks like Dark Souls 4. Watching footage from it, I basically sat there and said, "there's Anor Londo/Lothric Castle, the dragon that they still haven't quite figured out how to balance perfectly, the Berserk references, the Estus Flask, and the Longsword."
The animations are the exact same, the combat is the same, the story is the same, the characters are the same. Fromsoft's games are repetitive. They have an award-winning formula, but it just isn't possible to be excited for more of the same thing I've experienced time after time already.
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2021.12.08 10:42 NorwegianWoodchopper [NeedAdvice] I fail to see a point in being disciplined

I have very low self esteem and motivation these days. I have not even showered since last 3 days. I just wash my face and change clothes. I feel disgusted with myself.
My personal life is a mess. I don’t get along with almost everyone. I just feel everybody is taking advantage of me, even my mother. All my beliefs have fallen apart.
I quit social media altogether because even though I had thousands of followers but no one used to talk to me.
I have lost a loved one in the recent times and that has taken a heavy toll on someone like me who was already very susceptible to feeling low all the time.
The world feels pointless. I feel very vulnerable that this world will eat me up because I am inherently nice, and believe in morality and righteousness. I feel I’m already “behind” socially.
But from my life experience of 23 years, I fail to see the “beauty” of outside world. Why should I be disciplined to chase something out there when everything is going downhill in the world.
Be disciplined, achieve something, but for WHAT? Eg: • Why work hard at office when there is so much office politics? • Why work for government when it is shit? • Why help people when 98% of people have been ungrateful to you in the past.
I definitely make effort to get enough sunlight, even started running alone as a hobby. But I come back to the above question every single time and become indisciplined.
I have some friends but they make no effort to socialise often and I’m not close with my family. My lack of meaningful relationships could also be a factor here.
I do have a full time job but that’s pretty it. It’s the only OK thing in my life.
How did you find your “WHY” of getting disciplined?
TLDR: I fail to see a point in working towards anything and getting disciplined. I’ll just be lonely in better body, room or office if I become disciplined. What to do?
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2021.12.08 10:42 Papa_Nurgle_84 G-Tech Branch (Branch Analysis)

Article Collection
The less I am able to play, the more I want to write something... unless I am distracted by other things that need my attention. (Kids and Wife want attention too...) And as we are in a lockdown-in-all-but-name here again, that means I have a bit more time at my hand... until school is on lockdown again. Lets hope that does not happen. Writing about the Y-Branch last week was fun, so I will keep on going this week with the branch that suffered especially under PoK: the Green one. G-branch was the second most popular branch behind the B-branch, but lost its popularity in favor of R-branch. So once again, lets state the basics of our thought experiment: My assumption is a theoretical Vanilla faction without special abilities, starting with the Y0 tech and researching one tech per round, gaining the "pure" unit upgrade (Infantry II in this case) as an addition (Technology Primary for example). I will not discuss mixed unit upgrades and I will only shortly write about the PoK technologies. Lets go...
Neural Motivator G0
During the Status Phase, draw 2 action cards instead of 1.
This is a technology that, similar to Sarween Tools, is better the earlier you get it and the longer the game goes. But while Sarween Tools can provide more benefits by using Production multiple times per turn, Neural Motivator is a fixed +1 Action Card per turn. The advantage is, that our faction can do more "things" that Action Cards provide compared to a faction without this technology. These additional cards basically provide a level of unexpected ressources and actions, that make the play of the G-faction harder to calculate in advance. But PoK added a lot of cards to Action Card deck, and these cards are not neccesarily better then the ones that where already present pre-PoK. Also any faction that invests into the Politics Secondary can have the same amount of cards, but earlier. Finally, PoK made the game a round shorter further limiting the advantage Neural Motivator provides. But the intention of this card is clearly one of "being able to do unexpected Actions" (Pun intended).
Psychoarchaeology G0
You can use technology specialties on planets you control witrhout exhausting them, even if those planets are exhausted. During the Action Phase, you can exhaust planets you control that have a technology specialties to gain 1 TG.
In my earlier reviews I really liked this technology for the flexibility it offers. Playtesting on the other hand showed, that this flexibility is so reliant on the starting position and luck-of-draw while exploring, that its really hard to plan for this tech. Its not a bad tech, just nothing to think about in your A-plan. Maybe for you B-plan. This tech also shows the problems my theoretical assumptions have: I cannot properly use this ability without leaving my specified parameters behind. So I assume my faction has some extra TG every round available.
Dacxive Reanimators G1
After you win a Ground Combat, you may place 1 Infantry from your reinforcements on that planet.
Oh, Dacxive... sigh. Ok, lets go. In theory Vanilla faction will be able to secure freshly taken planets more easily by getting free ground forces after a planet is taken. But man, this ability is bad. It wont even nearly be able to make its own cost back, as you would have to win 14+ combats to do so. There is a slight advantage of having those Infantry exactly where you want them to be, similar to Sols Orbital Drop, but while the Drop is a safe and secure "1 CC for 2 Infantry" exchange, Dacxive needs you to spend 1 CC for an activation, move at least some capacity in, land those Ground Forces, thereby dodging PDS if neccessary and then actually fight and win on the ground. There are so many "maybes" in this procedure, that its really hard to utilize this technology. Dane! Omega! Right here! ASAP!
Bio-Stims G1
You may exhaust this card at the end of your turn to ready 1 of your planets that has a technology specialty or 1 of your other technologies.
Similar to Psychoarchaeology, this tech does not fit well into the assumptions I made at the beginning. Maybe this can be a sign of a change of plan for the G-branch. There is (with Omega) no technology in the G-branch that interacts with Bio-Stims. Indirectly Psychoarchaeology does, by being able to echaust the same planet twice for TG, but thats a very minor point.
Hypermetabolism G2
During the Status Phase, gain 3 command token instead of 2
Our vanilla faction is able to do one more tactical or strategic action per turn, or can expand its fleet pool more easily. This is pretty much inline with Neural Motivators as both techs allow a G-faction to do more things per turn, compared to factions of other color. And it also suffers under the same PoK-changes, just as Neural Motivator does. Shorter games limit Hypermetabolisms power and it needs to be researched extremely early (round 2) to even make its cost back. In an average 5 rounds game, Hypermetabolism researched in round 2 provides 3 CC over the game, while costing 1 CC and 4 ressources most of the time. If the game goes longer it is a bit better, but if its researched later, it costs more then it is providing.
Lets insert our unit upgrade in this position
Infantry II GG
After this unit is destroyed, roll 1 die. If the result is 6 or greater, place the unit on this card. At the start of your next turn, place each unit that is on this card on a planet you control in your home system. Combat 7
Our faction will have a very strong ground combat pre-PoK, strongest of all colors to be precise. They get free Infantry after winning, their Infantry hits harder and gets revived 50% of the time. Once our G-faction takes hold of a planet, they are hard to dislodge. And now we add mechs and everything is way worse. Mechs are way more capacity efficient as an invasion force and add powerful abilities (or at least some abilities) on top of their superior statline. Infantry II is still viable for defense purposes, but on the offensive they have been replaced completely.
And to finish it off, the most changed tech that still completely missed the rule changes:
X-89 Bacterial Weapon 3G
After 1 or more of your units use BOMBARDMENT against a planet, if at least 1 of your opponent's infantry was destroyed, you may destroy all of your opponent's infantry on that planet.
Our G-faction can take any planet thats not PDS secured easily (Pre-PoK again) by dropping a single hit during Bombardement. Everything is wiped out and the planet can be taken by a single Infantry. This funnily enough collides with Infantry II (why do you need better Infantry?) as well as Dacxive (no combat happening). But now PDS is a problem, while before the Omega changes, X-89 circumvented PDS. And planets that are not PDS secured are probably not that important. So to make X-89 useful you would need an important planet secured by big stacks of Infantry, but no PDS. And Post-PoK one or two Mechs make all this impossible as they can Sustain the hits away and then sacrifice themselves to prevent an Infantry from being hit. The card states that an Infantry needs to be destroyed, not a Ground Force. I assume a lack of future proving here. Its really a mess.
The problem G-branch had and has is, that it does not have a clear line like the other colors, but tries to achieve two things at the same time: Allowing its user to do many things per turn and improving Ground Combat. The former has been nerfed by shorter games, the later by the presence of mechs. At the moment I classify G-branch even below Y-branch in usability. This may be a shocker for some of you readers, but yes, the former second best color dropped hard to the bottom of the well. My opinion again. G-tech may be viable for Psychoarchaeology, for a Bio-Stim combination like with Sling Relay or for a pre-requisite. But by itself the G-branch does not provide anything thats useful in the Post-PoK times, with Hypermetabolism being the high point if researched early. And even that is questionable as stated above.
Next up will be the R-branch, so I hope you enjoyed the reading this week and until next time.
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2021.12.08 10:42 Apmyp0 The Art of Shooting through the Smoke

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2021.12.08 10:42 Telesuru Imperator Neckbeard, Leader of the World of Warcraft Development Team

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2021.12.08 10:42 PBnJoel Resource Request

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2021.12.08 10:42 Rulerkid For 60 bucks, I was expecting something like this. That's what we deserved.

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2021.12.08 10:42 B2Beast Apple Retail Store Analyzed As A Ecommerce Template

The following analysis explains how Apple Store serves as the perfect website model, so you can implement these principles on your own ecommerce business as well based on an analysis of the reasons the Apple Store creates such a "wow" experience for its customers: 7 Ways the Apple Store Serves as the Perfect Website Model

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2021.12.08 10:42 Spiritual_Watch5684 why am i like this

why am i like this?
i work in hospitality, specifically a coffee shop. i was on shift, and someone came in for coffee two minutes just as we were about to close. i was honestly exhausted at the point they asked and had to close by myself. why am i know having anxiety and sad and feel like a shitty human being for saying that we were about to close when we weren’t. it’s not that bad i’m aware, but i can’t help but feel awful about it (like i know i wouldn’t do it again, i was just exhausted by the end of my shift)
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2021.12.08 10:42 nevada_kun [no spoilers] coffe ?

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2021.12.08 10:42 jakub69 What's your take on the new grille? [3456x5184]

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2021.12.08 10:42 Arom1965 Reading lists supplied by Dan Carlin from the popular Hardcore History podcast.

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2021.12.08 10:42 Nohan07 Nuit calme sur l'ensemble du territoire, un barrage subsiste

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2021.12.08 10:42 coolaidman3 .

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2021.12.08 10:42 thebloxer985 Ghost Dirt?

I've been having a problem with dirt. It says that my kitchen has -.11 cleanness, but there is no visible dirt, and it is all sterile tiles. Is this a bug? Any way to fix it? any help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.08 10:42 Bareerah_ Which one should I do it for?

Me : 4 Full Grown Puffins. Them :
View Poll
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2021.12.08 10:42 Lonely-Crazy-8310 it's really helpful

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