I would like to wear the key forever. ❤️

2021.12.08 09:34 cocogogogo I would like to wear the key forever. ❤️

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2021.12.08 09:34 adriano_banano Buenos días.

Bueno la verdad es que tengo interés en entrar a la carrera de Negocios Internacionales pero no se cuantos aciertos pide, alguno de ustedes tiene ese dato?
Y cuando so las convocatorias?
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2021.12.08 09:34 CorphishJokes NFT profile pics have become the new Anime profile pics in terms of public ridicule.

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2021.12.08 09:34 Turbotrader321 Smoking rig *newbie* please help been mining for a week no problems till trying to change psus couldn’t sleep lol

I wanted to add a 5th 3090 rtx 24gb(4 we’re running already on two 850 monarch century golds) but didn’t have enough power so I got two new 1600 80 gold evga power supplies but when I plugged everything together using the psu connector I had between my two previous 850 power supply’s the cord smoked and melted as soon as I turned the psus on. (I flicked both psus switches on at the same time, I had done this before with my 850s and it was fine) Only this cord connecting the two psus together and to the mother board melted. It was the only cord connected to the psu that didn’t come with it so my question is was this an obvious mistake? does evga need a special connector from them? Can I not have both connected because they’re too powerful? Do they need to be connected to work? I got the cord from Amazon I can’t seem to find any heavy duty ones or differences.
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2021.12.08 09:34 iYoursTruly How do I understand the complete story?

There is a story movie in GG Strive but I want to understand the story from the beginning? In what order should I watch? Are there any videos so I can understand the story from the very beginning?
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2021.12.08 09:34 andre_shreves new vlog episode

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2021.12.08 09:34 Dave_The_Goose How can I implement google, facebook authentication in my react+node.js app?

I have tried passport.js but it isn't working. I am doing something wrong and I don't know what.
I am using node/express for backend so no firebase authentication.
I am looking for some resources. If anyone know any, please share.
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2021.12.08 09:34 North_Specialist1444 I look more attractive and feel more confident when I'm on Vyvanse(ADHD meds) this is a long read but I need help or advice or something. Just someone to talk to.

I'm an 18 year old male and Im extremely self conscious about my appearance. I try to avoid mirrors as much as possible but at the same time I obsessively check my reflection in windows when Im passing them I can't be in my bathroom with the light on without feeling sadness and disgust about my appearance and body. I've felt this way for a few years now. I hate photos and videos of myself. I HATE them. And now that covids come around and everyone is supposed to be wearing masks it's gotten worse. Because now I wear the mask in public and I feel safe. It's like a security blanket for my flaws. At school I hate eating lunch in public because then I have to remove my mask and that scares me. But once covids over and they're not mandatory anymore I feel I'll be stuck with even worse symptoms than before. Anyway sorry that was just a rant about my newly discovered disorder I didn't know I had until recently lol. I take prescribed medication and whenever I'm on it when I look in the mirror I see myself the way others Do. I feel attractive and handsome. I like the person who stares back at me in the mirror. But when it wears off or I don't take it all together it's very rare that I feel good about myself. So what I'm saying is. Is Vyvanse a temporary fix for bdd? Do I even have bdd or am I just ugly? Should I trust the way I feel about myself when I'm medicated or unmedicated? Thanks. Sorry for the long read.
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2021.12.08 09:34 suicidal_art I think I might be depressed again

I was diagnosed with depression in the past year, this year has been a rollercoaster, the past few months were better, but ever since online classes have resumed, I feel like I've fallen back to feeling depressed, unmotivated and lethargic. I can't workout, I don't feel like studying, even when I sit to study I just feel like my mind is not here, and I feel so guilty that I'm not studying and then I feel more depressed, and so on and so forth. I keep telling myself to workout, to study, to paint, which is something that helps me focus and feel composed, but I can't get myself to do it and I end up sitting on my bed for hours. I deleted my socials for time being, I've promised myself to be better by the end of this year, i know it sounds sort of stupid but I really wanna change and be productive and active and wanna feel like myself again, I just don't know how to get myself to actually do it.
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2021.12.08 09:34 Real-Drawing1107 What paranormal event happened to you which still keeps you up at night?

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2021.12.08 09:34 Treshkrule Basic physical calculations in regard to weight

Disclaimer: I'm no physicist, so I don't claim that any of my calculations and assumptions are in any way correct!

While playing around in the shipbuilder I was wondering if the 4 blocks of hull had accurate weight and how much material is used for one of those hull blocks.
The game states that reinforced hull is heavier than aluminium, so that means our blocks are made out of aluminium. We also know that our blocks are 7 m x 7 m = 49 m², here i made the assumption that they are cubes so 49 m² x 7 m = 343 m³. Aluminium has a density of 2710 kg/m³ -according to Thyssenkrupp- so multiplying our volume with density gives us 343 m³ x 2710 kg/m³ = 929530 kg for a 7 m x 7 m x 7m cube made completely out of aluminium. Our cubes weigh 25.8 tons or 25800 kg, by dividing their weight with the complete cube we get the ratio between the two, or how much of our block is actually filled by weight, so 25,8 tons / 929,53 tons = 0,028 = 2,8 %. Our cubes are filled by 2,8 % so by multiplying that percentage with our entire volume we get how much material was used, 343 m³ x 0,028 = 9,604 m³. In order to form a cube we need 12 edges so which are all 7 meters long, per definition of a cube, so 12 x 7 m = 84 m. Now we need to define the two other dimension, which I did through a bit of trial and error and ended up on 12 x (7 m x 0,45 m x 0, 25 m) = 9,45 m³ this is less then our entire material used so we are good on that regard. Multiplying our volume with the density again 9,45 m³ x 2710 kg/m³ = 25609,5 kg = 25,6 tons which is pretty damn close to our actual in-game weight!
Also 50 people fit in the large crew quarters which fit in a 343 m³ cube so we get 343 m³ / 50 people = 6,86 m³ / person -disregarding anything else- in case you're interested in how well your crewmen live on your ship!
TL:DR - The weight appears to be accurate to my layman physical understanding!
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2021.12.08 09:34 spezaltaccount Look at her

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2021.12.08 09:34 nepali_fanboy 1991 Chinese Legislative Elections

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2021.12.08 09:34 FMRLRecords What kind of wood is this? Floors under carpet in 1887 Vermont Home

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2021.12.08 09:34 PressureBackground54 [Amazon] 20% Off on Memorial Wind Chimes. Perfect Gift to Remember your Loved Ones. A Premium & Unique Gift For Any Occasion. Clip Coupon on the product page. Final Price: $31.97

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2021.12.08 09:34 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Octane] [Octane: Shisa] [Proton] [Cristiano] [Classic]

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2021.12.08 09:34 SukEngTows Customized Captain (Black, Ratty) - Spirit's Pact - Waning Moon

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2021.12.08 09:34 happy_platano Request: 2021 Audi ABT RS6-R

If anyone has it can you please send it to me?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.08 09:34 woland_spb My friend Anya in the light leaking thru the roof.

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2021.12.08 09:34 Heat-International C programming

hello there I am new to programming and currently self taught using youtube. I came across a question which is regarding data file reading and using the data in that file to calculate average.It has 68 rows and 8 column(salary from January-August) initially but i wanted my final column(9th column) to display average .I managed to code reading the file data but i am stuck on the calculating part.
void average(float *arr[68])
for(int i = 0; i < 68; i++)
arr[i][8] = ((arr[i][0] + (arr[i][1]+ (arr[i][2]+ arr[i][3] + arr[i][4] + arr[i][5] + arr[i][6]+ (arr[i][7]);

float total = 0;
printf("%s ", "JAN", "FEB", "MAR", "APRIL", "MAY","JUN", "JUL","AUG","Average");
for(int i = 0; i<68; i++)

printf("\n%11.0f %10.0f %10.0f %10.0f %10.0f %10.0f %10.0f %10.0f %10.2f", arr[i][0], arr[i][1], arr[i][2], arr[i][3], arr[i][4], arr[i][5], arr[i][6], arr[i][7], arr[i][8]);
int average=arr[i][8];
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2021.12.08 09:34 desterzer [Kronowski - the pyre starts playing]

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2021.12.08 09:34 Kalmaaw Tuba Büyüküstün

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2021.12.08 09:34 Fokodjo Red Light District 💯👀🤔💦💎🔥😱

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2021.12.08 09:34 youngblackgod Unkillable squirrels are OP AF! <3

They finally got me past the cabin boss fight alone lmao. This man was throwing all the bullshit during that fight too, hacking ass motherfucker 🤣 the guy is such a dick with these out of nowhere rules.
so many bones. 🐿🦴🐿🦴🐿🦴🐿🦴
It's YoungSquirrelGod now
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2021.12.08 09:34 Mocking62 Stupid new beaver question

Hello. Beaver noob with a beginner question. How does a stacked lodge get access? I have 2 lodges on ground and 1 on top. I have stairs to get to roof. What did I miss?
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