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Champions league round 6 predictions

2021.12.08 10:04 fynnreddit Champions league round 6 predictions

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2021.12.08 10:04 Mango_shampoo Sleeping pills, no prescription?

Just need it. Have a bitch of insomnia and all docs keep pushing melatonin. I just need something to break the cycle off.
Thank you
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2021.12.08 10:04 prachipatale IoT 통신 프로토콜 시장 SWOT 분석, 2031년까지 비즈니스 성장 기회

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2021.12.08 10:04 sebajun How do tags work?

I am a new Oura user. Previously a whoop user. With whoop, you would wake up every morning and it would ask you a series of pre-defined questions from the previous day. Every week/month you would then get a report showing the correlation between those questions and your metrics. For example, it would have a chart showing that when you drank alcohol it would have X% negative impact on resting HSleep score/RHR, etc.
I assumed Oura did the same thing when I saw they had tags - however, it seems like there are: (a) no prompts to enter data via tags, so I often forget to enter it; (b) it's not clear whether tags ought to be entered the day after or at the time it applies, in which case it is cumbersome to add tags throughout the day and (c) how to correlate tags to metrics. I know you can click it in the "trends" tab, but this just highlights the tags in a graph which isn't particularly useful.
Is there any way to have similar functionality with oura? Are they working on improving this experience?
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2021.12.08 10:04 Babidixp Desync issues getting worse?

Today was the first say I simply could not play multiplayer due grim desync issues. Warthogs teleporting, every 3rd shot counts etc. Finishing weekly yesterday was really bad, butnow it seems to be worse... Anyone else got it worse now? Connections on my side are prime and working, only Halo is suffering low performance. I am on xbox.
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2021.12.08 10:04 jerry_miller8337 Kinder-Impfungen in Berlin sollen am 15. Dezember beginnen

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2021.12.08 10:04 solsticenoosa Earlier this year my wife quit her job as a lawyer (which she hated) to follow her passion for fitness...

...she walked away from a path consisting of 2 law degrees that she attained over 7 years (a Bachelors and a Masters), followed by a career of 6 years at a top tier law firm accompanied by a very handsome salary and a wealth of security for us both (I've been between jobs several times the past few years).
But she was miserable.
Fast forward a year...
She's just completed her PT certification and is training for a natural bodybuilding competition. She's taught herself how to document her progress and is already helping others achieve their own goals.
I couldn't be prouder of her.
Life is short - spend your time with people you love, on things that you love. Go get it!
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2021.12.08 10:04 MulciberTenebras 8 Days Until Spider-Man: NWH [A Cover-a-Day Countdown]

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2021.12.08 10:04 bluetowelz7 Gf planning girls trip to Miami

Me(28 M) and my gf(21 F) have been dating for over a year now
She is planning a spring break Miami trip with 6 of her other girlfriends for one of her girlfriends birthdays. Btw my girl is by far the best looking one and always gets hit on.
Now, I already know the kind of comments I’m gonna receive… but I’m still reaching out looking for advice
No I am not going to be okay with this. My girlfriend is a huge a party girl and we always go party together tho not without each other.
Every single one of her friends is a bottle rat, so I do know that they will be hopping on random dudes tables. No I am not going to be okay with this… these are single activities and I do not believe you should put yourself in a situation like that when you’re in a relationship… but at the same time, this is where our age difference is finally taking a hit.
She is a big party girl and she needs to experience these kind of things, she already went to Miami once without me at the beginning of the relationship only for her to come back looking thro my phone. So I am not sure if it was some kind of guilt or not.
If I go against this, she will obviously take it out on me and say I ruin her life and at the end of the day it is going to make her want to go even in the more in the future.
I have been thinking about breaking up with her for this reason, so she can go out and live her life. Experience more clubbing and partying and just get it all out of her system. This way we can end on good terms and maybe have the possibility to reconnect in the future.
Now I know I’m going to hear oh you don’t trust your girl blah blah. But I do believe that temptation is a real thing. Out of sight out of mind, drunk, finding someone attractive. These kind of things happen, I know many people who were super faithful, not expecting to cheat but just happening.
I’ve gotten with many girls in the past that had boyfriends while on vacation and I had no idea they even had one and it sucked so much to see. They would lie only for them to add me on Instagram and see they have a boyfriend.
Tldr; I think I need to break up with my gf so she can live her life but I don’t want to break it off. Need advice
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2021.12.08 10:04 Lower_Cobbler_1584 Bhad Bhabie - New Video She Naked....

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2021.12.08 10:04 svanapps r/binance - Tricks

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2021.12.08 10:04 xxxxx0518 Looking for scholar for this team. Message me ASAP. With experience

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2021.12.08 10:04 jarvispyle 13 Iranian entities targeted by new US sanctions

Nine people and four entities in Iran were targeted by new sanctions issued by the US Treasury on Tuesday in connection with serious human rights abuse and repressive acts targeting innocent civilians, political opponents, and peaceful protestors.
Iran criticized the United States for imposing new sanctions days before talks are set to resume in Vienna on rescuing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.
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2021.12.08 10:04 my_wife_reads_this State rejects Anaheim compromise, expected to say Angel Stadium deal violates law

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2021.12.08 10:04 xponentialdesign Simple String Theory Landscapes V4 | 21-06-‎17 | by Xponentialdesign

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2021.12.08 10:04 rougegalaxy Petition to change the server description to stop the misconception that he is a frog

View Poll
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2021.12.08 10:04 Lower_Cobbler_1584 Bhad Bhabie - New Video She Naked....

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2021.12.08 10:04 aibrony Chibi miko parry (+pout)

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2021.12.08 10:04 ghoulian666 Get baaaack

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2021.12.08 10:04 RED_WING_ I should really go to bed

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2021.12.08 10:04 promethelon Do you guys like this character?

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2021.12.08 10:04 renatomb This masterpiece of funeral doom

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2021.12.08 10:04 JorjEade Thanks, I hate the official cover art to Band Aid 20

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2021.12.08 10:04 Faithlessness_Winter Spanking and stuff

Did anyone else find the house in Valentine where when you peep in you see a guy getting spanked by his wife? The conversation is pretty explicit!
I am playing RDR2 for the second time and exploring the world more deeply now, wasn't expecting this in the depths!
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2021.12.08 10:04 PeachLamar Got a Job offer with a start date. Signed and received (11/01/21). Haven't started as of (12/08/21)

I was offered a Job in october 27th. The job offer had my start date as November 22nd. This job required me to move to a new city, get fully vaccinated within 35 days of start date, and wanted me to start the 22nd of November. I complied with all those things. Did them all. The 20th of November comes around and I hadnt heard anything from my new supervisor. So I shot him and HR an email asking if the 22nd start date is god to go. The 21st of November I get a response saying it was not. They were still waiting on my background check to be completed. Radio silence until I emailed them again on Dec 1st. They got back to me December 2nd and she asked me a few questions about my background results and said the background check was completed and that I would hear from another lady at HR to set up a start date. Never heard anything from them. On the 6th of December in emailed HR again asking for a start date and if we are still good to go. The lady thats supposed to give me my start date asked if I talked to the background check lady and I said yes. She said the background check was completed. Its now the 8th and I still am in the dark. Moving wasnt cheap. That depleted most of what I had saved up. Not too mention I had too buy out a few months on my lease from the old place. My question is what should I do? How do i go about this? I want the job. But i need to start working. Bills will be due before I know it. Ill need money. New city. Low funds. I have started applying to other jobs just in case. I just dont want too keep annoying HR asking for a start date when they are clearly not ready? Or something is holding it up? They are keeping me in the dark and its really really stressing me out. Its almost making me already hate this company. Ive been trying to get one with this company for over a year. Applied to 15+ positions within said company. Had 4 interviews. Finally got a job offer and now left on limbo....
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