Do I know what this is? No I just made it don't ask me

2021.10.16 10:43 Spooksandgiggles Do I know what this is? No I just made it don't ask me

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2021.10.16 10:43 cakeeat1 Bedelli Askerlik yapmayı düşünür müsünüz ?

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2021.10.16 10:43 KermitTheFrogo01 We have now entered extreme Greed. Curious how this will play out.

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2021.10.16 10:43 redlorry19 Why do some contestants use 50:50 first when they have no idea what the answer is?

Rewatching some old episodes of wwtbam UK and seen a few people who use 50:50 despite having no clue, then immediately use ask the audience after. They wasted 2 lifelines, when they could have just asked the audience and got the correct answer that way, as the audience are usually right. 50:50 won't help you if you can't already eliminate any answers you know aren't right.
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2021.10.16 10:43 NewsElfForEnterprise Why Kosmos Energy Stock Rallied Over 10% Today

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2021.10.16 10:43 andrea_marrocco I can't find the button for "Redeem code". It is only my bug?

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2021.10.16 10:43 tenant69 Mere Sponsors k Products Lelo

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2021.10.16 10:43 aensenat To Split Doubles Ace Pot?

What are the norms surrounding when a player aces in doubles? Are they required to split the ace pot with their partner? 50-50 or some other proportion? Is this an unwritten rule or a common standard? What are the exceptions, if any? Does this apply to both random and byop? Etc.
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2021.10.16 10:43 Mobile-Ad2218 question about combat score and MVP

why do teammates with lower kills than me,higher deaths,lower assists,lower plants/diffuses get higher combat score and MVP . in game I'm top fragger but MVP goes to 2nd top fragger . ?
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2021.10.16 10:43 GianniRivera10 Milan versus Verona - Juric's tactical imprinting and Tudor's innovations

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2021.10.16 10:43 ForumXtraffic Witam. Jak założyć na reddit stronę (fanpage)? Z góry dzięki i miłego dnia :)

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2021.10.16 10:43 PadmusMH Bem dito Irmão do Jorel 😑👍

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2021.10.16 10:43 nhmmdt IWFTR

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2021.10.16 10:43 Nakushits Enchantment point farming?

Is there a reliable way to form large numbers of enchantment points? Or is it just all about that grind?
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2021.10.16 10:43 MortalVoiddDweller I Hate Dogs

And I'm not really going to justify it. I'll only explain it.
Dogs are seen as this beloved family pet, so what does my family do whenever we have this craving for a pet? We obviously get a dog.
I don't like pets, I don't value taking care of an animal until the day it dies like some sort of service to family values. There's a grading scale though, some pets I tolerate a lot more. And it doesn't mean I don't have good times with pets. I've had good times with them, even dogs. There are people who love animals, they love them so much they start animal shelters and zoos and become veterinarians. Those people are important, I respect them, they do a job that I know I could not and would never do.
That said, my family keeps running into this pattern of buying a dog that they do a shitty job of training and have limited capacity to take care of... And then run circles around each other, getting mad, and being upset because of the fucking dog that we bought in a fleeting moment where we wanted a dog.
I've only been a part of one dog purchase that my family got, one that my sister coerced me into getting when I was maybe 10 years old. It was this small little Jack Russel Terrier that is full of energy and just ever-so playful and bites the ever living fuck out of you just for existing. Oh my god young pre-teen me tried so hard to train that dog because my parents didn't care and my sister no longer wanted him. Until a few years later we just realized we couldn't fucking deal with him so we gave him away to a nice family with a lot of happy faces and joy and an interest in owning a dog. No idea as to whether or not they successfully trained him or not, but oh well past that point its not my problem.
Fast forward, I'm moved on to high school my sister's moved out and they've adopted a border collie... Oh boy. Enter my parents current dog because for a lot of reasons my sister couldn't handle him and didn't train him well and didn't really have time to... Neither of which did my parents. And he's a fucking border collie. For those who don't know, border collies are farm dogs. They're not suburban asshole family dogs. At least not normally. Its what she gets for not doing research. But oh well. He's old now, and while he's not the most obedient he's predictable. He wants for little but some daily exercise (walking him 2 or 3 times a day for a good distance) and love and affection. He's alright.
Then my nephew just has to get some dogs of his own so he goes off and buys two with minimal research. I shit you not he almost bought a fucking blue heeler until they got (un)lucky and didn't make it in time to buy. For those who don't know, this is another farm dog like border collies. Holy shit I don't think I could deal with another one. He ends up with a cocker spaniel (who's worst problem is he barks a lot, not the worst dog) and a black lab (who's worst problem is she might eat you the fuck alive if she thinks you're a threat to her).
We babysit them on the weekends because they have nowhere else to be at than our house besides their cages at my sister's house. It is of course not ideal for dogs to stay in a cage the whole weekend so we unfortunately have to take them. And it gets fucking complicated from here on.
They tear up the porch furniture, they chew on every-fucking thing they can find, and they never fucking shut up at night. The border collie? He only barks when something's up, like a deer starts strolling around his territory (his business), or some stranger rolls up to the house (our business). Fuck it, the border collie is a "good" dog. I still know I would rather not deal with him. I guess you could say I find him reasonable for a dog.
Not the fucking new ones. The reason I'm typing up a meandering bullshit storm like this at 4:30 in the morning? Because we were scrambling to find a fucking spot for the two dogs we have to babysit tonight. That for your information, we have no room for. We have room for our border collie, but not these two. And they bark and they lick and they chew and they bark and they lick and they chew and they go roll around in shit then law on the couch and piss on it for good measure. Fucking hate saying it but they're bad fucking dogs.
Some of you guys might wonder if I lack empathy towards pets or something and the truth is I don't. Yeah I'm making this thread about how I don't like pets and especially not dogs and have been meandering about it, but I still get emotionally attached. And the emotional attachment has got to be the worst part. My god the cocker spaniel was cute at the start of his life and the black lab was so smart and playful. The cocker spaniel almost fucking dies on us, putting a ton of stress on our minds. And the black lab starts getting into the habit of threatening my sister's neighbors for existing within her eyesight. And yet it hurts so much to get rid of them, like a bad fucking girlfriend, that we just kind of put up with them. Its like fucking emotional entrapment for an animal and it sucks donkey ass.
But holy shit, I'm a fucking adult now. That's fucking amazing! I don't have to put up with fucking dogs anymore if I don't want to! And you know what? I'm going to fucking not. If by some situation I'm forced to get a dog in the future because I'm married and the kids won't stop crying for one? I'm going to be picky as shit about it. Fucking cannot handle these wild-ass breeds. The fact that I can take control of the situation myself just feels so freeing to begin with. I can tolerate the fucking things.
But you know with all that said? Fuck dogs. Fuck the pressure to get a dog. Fuck 'em. Half you fuckers act high and mighty about your love for dogs but end up in the same frustratingly annoying situations that I would get stuck in. But you still love 'em for some reason I guess.
Call me what you will: some sort of evil demon, piece of shit, whatever. I'm a pragmatist and when it comes to dogs I don't see a whole hell of a lot of benefit to them. And you know what fuck cats too, all they're good for is catching mice. Thank god I don't have to handle any pets anymore.
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2021.10.16 10:43 Tinganga Most big chances created: Premier League 2021/22

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2021.10.16 10:43 HowardJDuck Daily Grid Girls: Day 80

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2021.10.16 10:43 Rap2412 Dubai Expo 2020 Mobility Zone

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2021.10.16 10:43 LetFree3348

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2021.10.16 10:43 DarkendenArt Brigitte [Fanart made by DarkenDen]

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2021.10.16 10:43 Elma_Bradberry Couldn’t sleep last night cause I was so excited to get him

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2021.10.16 10:43 andobiencrazy Is donating a common practice in your country?

How often do you donate blood, food, clothes, supplies, or money?
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2021.10.16 10:43 Johnkaz34 Estrogen moment

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2021.10.16 10:43 DeusExMachina_0 Rimuru's punishment is eating Shion's "cooking"...

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2021.10.16 10:43 MalibuStasi Should ALL vaccines be mandatory?

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